In July 2022, the Lowdown headlined "A few choice workds for the Democrats" in which you said the Party needed to focus on rural America and not give up on it. In January, Paul Krugman editorialized "How to assuage rural rage" and, in January, David Brooks wrote aboaut "Democrats working-class problem". So, attention is being given to the issue of the Party's neglect. Teresa Purcell wrote optimistically in another newspaper article that "People all across rural America are uniting against extremists". Would that it were so. Even if it prioritized attention in the 2024 campaign on rural America, what does the Party need to do to gain sympathizers in heartland America?

Well, how about some focus groups in every electoral district - or town halls in county seats? How about organizing picnics with LBGT performers and Progressive rock bands? How about sponsoring races and sports events - and vegetable growing contests? There are a variety of ways that the Party could arrange to show rural America that it aligns with their concerns and is intersted in hearing back from them. So, what do you think?

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May 18, 2023Liked by Jim Hightower

I miss the section in your print newsletter about DO SOMETHING! It is very depressing and demoralizing to learn of a giant problem and not know how to take action. We have to eat, and I am a terrible gardener, so what to do?

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Jim, I am a subscriber and therefore a supporter of your work. Off and on for a long time. Frankly I miss the print edition although I'm aware of the increased costs in maintaining that media.

With regard to rural activation I live in a rural area because the rents are reasonable (not cheap) and so

I am among Trumpers. The further North one goes here the more Red it gets. Becuase I am a Moderate/Blue I never discuss politics with anyone here, and I know a lot of people and have some

profile in the community. I've been here for 11 years and I can tell you that the absolute block people have against any kind of rational leadership is constantly amazing. Trying to change anybody's mind is an excercise in futility. I really think that the present form of Government is obsolete, that we need more

political parties and the supreme court should have term limits and ethics supervision.

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Having once created my own consumer magazine, I'm always up on prices.

I had a real hardy laugh over the price of eggs escalation shortly ago. We had a situation where a dozen eggs inflated from $1.19 to around 6 bucks!!

Reading an "official government report' it stated that the chicken industry lost 58 million chickens due to the Avian Flu..... continuing on it also said that 20 million chickens are taken to market WEEKLY! That means less than 3 weeks of production was lost over the Avian Flu epidemic. So there was a 5% 'bump' lasting over probably 3 months. Any farmer would shrug and tell Mom to tighten her belt for a few months or raise their prices 30 cents a dozen for 3-6 months. As what producer of most products would face bankruptcy over a 5% loss lasting a quarter year?

Wait a minute! Call in the Oligarchs who with four major producers produce 60% of the market!!!

There ya go folks .... was it the Flu or was it the Dark Side controlling one of the largest industries in the Nation? Adding to the misery .... eggs are still in the 3 bucks a dozen price range 2 years later....

The News media boosted this Avian Flu debacle for all it could get. I don't believe the media...

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I live in a red state. Your northerly neighbor, Oklahoma. One way I like to "fight" is support the local eateries. The meals are MUCH better than McD's or Sonic and cost about the same.

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I eat at several different restaurants and even though prices are going higher some are eliminating some of the foods that I like, Arbys I bin eating there for the Ruben sandwich and their side salad left first and recently they have taken it out of their menu. So it’s not as tempting for me to eat there. And Burger King doesn’t have salads either.And one of the breakfast restaurants I would go for the biscuits and gravy but they stopped serving it too, making just another fast food restaurant that serves the same thing with no special foods to offer. These changes get me to go to more of a sit down restaurant where you have servers that you tip. Thus costing even more $ and giving a tip on top of the much more expensive choices. Don’t get me wrong I like eating out at nicer restaurants but it is more expensive but normally for a dinner not a quick lunch. The industry is hurting the fast food restaurants workers as less people are not going there as the food choices are less and spending their money elsewhere.

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Thank you for a humorous explanation of what I have known is going on, and need to get the system changed. Unfortunately, my meager dollars don't go far. I am slowly learning this system, and thank you for sharing.

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