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All who hear Jim's important civil awareness minutes, over the years, would also do well to look up and read Dorothy Thompson, reporter/broadcaster, who during the 1930's through 1950's warned a very isolationist America about the rise of fascism (later Stalin), a long time before WWII. She was actually expelled from Germany by Goebbels/Hitler in the late 30's... Mussolini formed his Black Shirts as early as 1919---the point being -please read her book (from your local library system I hope?) "On the Record". Her collected columns/broadcasts were our early warning as are NOW Mr. Hightower's observant fluent commentaries (along with Mr. Nader & Mr. Barsamian's shows. Back then it took two decades of gestation, but today? On a smaller, more populous, faster Earth? These fear gripping styles of our leaders to be will lead us where?

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What did you expect from these GOOBERS that have called Michelangelo's statute of DAVID as "pornographic!!!" The NEXT thing that they will be DEMANDING is that mothers MUST have their babies born WITH clothes on ..... IN UTERO!!! FloriDUH, racing BACKWARDS ... into the FUTURE!!! Or is that rushing FORWARDS ... into the PAST!!!


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Disney is laying off 7000 employees ..As a Floridian this attack by Benito de Santis is ridiculous. Disney brings in millions of tourists that spend money in the state

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