Okay-- here's one idea floated by somebody smarter than I-- restructure the federal court system.

The circuit (appeals) courts' workloads are lopsided-- some have a whole lot more work than others, and there are only nine of them, each attended by one SC justice (they used to ride their "circuit," hence the name).

Sooooooo-- even out the loads by creating four more circuits-- all the judges will thank us for that!

Of course, this will call for FOUR MORE JUSTICES, so we add four to the court. At the same time, we set TERM LIMITS for all new judges. The Federalist Society will not thank us for this.

As of course, this would require more money, the idea will get shot down, because we are doing nothing about campaign finance reform. Doesn't anybody here want that to happen?

Well, I thought it would be worth a try.....

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The American Justice system May be the correct system for all American citizens and residents, we just need to remove and further prevent the dishonorable, self-serving individuals who possess little or no personal integrity coupled with their lack of empathy-base reasoning to ever again be given the responsibilities of making the system serve the needs of all of us. All of us.

Their investment in and created protections for our qualities of life, not just theirs, must be their first and remaining priority.

Term limits, e.g., six years, must become the rule, and applied, now, retroactively. It can be done.

Our Constitution and Rights must remain un-manipulated to serve Justices' narrow personal world views. They must serve all our needs. Our needs. Serve, not simply decide.

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Thanks you for bringing this to our attention. I agree that we need to add more judges to the Supreme Court as soon as Biden is re-elected!

My first thought when I read the issue about overfishing herring, is that on the West Coast, specifically Monterey Bay, there used to be mega-tons of sardines. But overfishing brought sardines to near extinction, and closed canneries and fertilizer factories that have never recovered.

Herring and sardines are little fish that big fish eat! Depleting the herring population in the Atlantic and elsewhere will dramatically impact certain creatures along the food chain.

I've been aware of the countries, including ours, that are harvesting zooplankton, tiny little guys that lots and lots of fish, and even ocean mammals rely on. Norway is making fish oil out of them, and America is making beauty products out of them. We need to put a screeching halt to this, as well as limiting the annual herring catch.

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1) Yes, corruption abounds

2) They worship the Robber Barons (aside from the China Tariff, a huge source of inflation)

3) They are devotees of so-called "Austrian Economics," an "axiomatic" economics with a firm basis in ... nothing

4) The only economists I've seen in the last 50 years that made any sense are Paul Krugman and the late Charles Lindblom (under-rated genius) and Manfred Max-Neef

5) Yes, the courts need some fixing

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I like the idea of term limits for the judges.

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When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living in a society, they create for themselves, in the corse of time ,a legal system that authorizes it,& a moral code that glorifies it.

Written by.. Frederick Bastiat 1850

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No wonder Americans are losing faith in the justice system. Reform is necessary, but we all know the obstacles to it. We just have to persevere, and not resign ourselves. The mantra of resignation goes like this: "It is what it is". Don't sing along. Additional justices and term limits are definitely worth a try.

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Money is a government tool to control our lives, the government counts it and distributes it. A corporation is a government sanctioned legal fiction that exists to harvest the natural resources of the country as quickly and cheaply as possible so the shareholders get as much money to feed the corporate greed for electricity and transportation to support the military. I wonder if they counted the 4 million? Billion? Over budget on the Mountain Valley Pipeline as future gains when the corporation goes bankrupt and we the people just have to eat it and clean up their mess while some new corporation forms with new technology somewhere else, China? The Roberts Supreme Court is the destruction of our life supporting habitat on Earth, I can't stand the idiotic greed of the corporate machine. Nature is the art of God. Deare Lord protect our naturally regenerating life supporting habitat on Earth from these corporatist congress critters and give us agency heads who have a love and respect for the life

of the planet. Ahso

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If Biden is nominated, which seems likely, and is reelected, for which I hope, I think the court system will not change under his watch. He's too wedded to tradition, nevermind its unfair and unjust consequences. That doesn't mean we, the people, can't push for an expanded SCOTUS as well as term limits for judges, even while knowing it'll be a long and hard road. Surely we can find ways to have some fun along the way, though.

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I agree with Jim. My only question - and it is a question - is it possible that regulators (the National Marine Fisheries Service) went too far by requiring each fishing boat to have a government monitor on board for which the fishing company would have to pay $700 per day, per boat? While we need regulators to have the flexibility to impose restrictions on businesses (the so-called Chevron doctrine), at what time does it become law-making? Should the government pay for the cost of its inspectors?

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Nothing new here. Nothing to see. Just the oligarchs trying to pass laws without going through congress. Who needs congress anyway. Now we have our handpicked justices we get whatever we want.

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Hi, Jim,

Step 1 is eliminate the filabuster

Step 2 is install term limits on justices. Say 24 years

Step 3 is add 4 more justices to the court.

That should fix the problem. However, to get there is very complicated and will require us to always stick together and win elections.

Thank you,

Dan Levey

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"Private Citizen" Chump will try to get the SCOTUS to hear his appeal and mewlings about how "unfair" it is to lose his battle for omnipotence. I think (hope) they will pass. Then the Appeals Court ruling stands.

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The Supreme Court has no enforcement mechanism. We can just ignore them.

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With a shift to a focus on vendors and donors of goods and services rather than on candidates and sums of money, there's no need to overturn Citiizens United. Any corporation providing money to a candidate is ipso facto providing money to all the qualified candidates.

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The Supreme Court Six are puppets for the oligarchs. So are the MAGA politicians. They are like a virus that has infiltrated out government and multiplying fast. The Citizens United ruling seriously opened the floodgates. Again, thanks to the SCOTUS, bought and paid for by the oligarchs.

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