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Thanks for breaking down the BS, Jim!

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But but but lesser of two evils! That's how far the center-right Dem elite has drifted from what was once the party proud of advocating for New Deal programs benefiting the common good.

As if these alleged Democrats, millionaires and whose campaigns are paid for by 1%ers and corporations, had the same interests as us real average Joes.

As if these folksy foxy flim-flammers could distract us from truth we can see as plain as smog.

As if we forgot that this same bunch did FOR the Rust Belt working people what they did TO the Wall St. manipulators who caused the '08 crash: NOTHING! The message sent? There's no risk! Bail-out (w/ our $$$) and no consequences. Just happened again--bank failures.

As if we don't understand how this system works. That the profiteers will abscond with all the loot and leave us to deal with the devastated communities and ruined environments.

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Correct. What a reprehensible man. Owners of Coal mines.

What worries me IF he decides to run for President it might cause problems with the Dems. Split the vote.

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Well I guess it’s not only Republicans that have 2 sides of a issue, why change parties it’s about the same for both The all mighty buck still rules for both parties!!

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Much of your remarks and incorrect, the pipeline in mostly finished, the gas is either going by pipeline or rail guess which is safer. Dispite my support for clearner energy at the moment and for at least the next 25 yrs natural gas will have to fill the void. You are denying progress and jobs to a large area of the middle east coast, this project would and will reduce dependency on imports of oil. Take your pick of Oil, Coal, or Natural Gas it's a no brainer.

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I am volunteering for RFK Jr campaign. He believes polluters should have to pay for their pollution. I agree! Please register as a Democrat and also get your Republicans friends and family to register as a Democrat and vote for RFK Jr in the primaries. Both Trump and Biden are in bed with Wall Street and Oligarchs.

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